Who or what functions as a symbol in this passage?othe seaDawnZeusthe shipsNow Zeus the lord of cloud roused in the northa storm against the ships, and driving veilsof squall moved down like night on land and sea.The bows went plunging at the gust; sails cracked andlashed out strips in the big wind.We saw death in that fury, dropped the yards, unshippedthe oars, and pulled for the nearest lee:then two long days and nights we lay offshore worn outand sick at heart, tasting our grief,until a third Dawn came with ringlets shining. Then weput up our masts, hauled sail, and rested,letting the steersmen and the breeze take over.I might have made it safely home, that time,but as I came round Malea the currenttook me out to sea, and from the northa fresh gale drove me on, past Cythera.Nine days I dried on the teeming seabefore dangerous high winds.

Accepted Solution

Answer: cExplanation:v