Paul, a janitor must move a large shipment of books from the first floor to the fifth floor. The sign on the elevator reads "maximum weight 1000 pounds". If each box of books weighs 80 pounds, find the maximum number of boxes that Paul should place in the elevator if he does not ride. Please help!​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Pauld should place a maximum of 12 boxes in the elevatorStep-by-step explanation:As in the sign is stated that the maximum weight that the elevator can carry is of 1000 pounds and each of the boxes of books weighs 80 pounds, and as he is not going to be inside the elevator you should divide the maximum weigh the elevator can carry by the weight of each box of books then you have[tex]Maximum number of boxes = Β \frac{1000}{80} = 12.5[/tex]He can maximum ride 12 boxes and a half, but if the boxes can't be divides he can just carry 12 boxes, because if he carries 13 the weight in the elevator will be of 1040, that beats the maximum capacity of the elevator. Then he can maximum place 12 boxes in the elevator