Three consecutive odd integers have a sum of 3. What are the numbers?

Accepted Solution

The integers are -1,1 and 3Further Explanation:Let x be an integer then 2x will be an even integer and 2x+1 will be an odd integerHence three consecutive integers will be:2x+12x+1+2 = 2x+32x+3+2 = 2x+52 is added to the previous odd number to get next odd number because the immediate next number to odd number is an even number.So according to given statement[tex](2x+1)+(2x+3)+(2x+5) = 3\\6x+9 = 3\\6x = 3-9\\6x = -6\\x = -1[/tex]The integers are:[tex]2x+1 = 2(-1)+1 = -2+1 = -1\\2x+3 = 2(-1) +3 = -2+3 = 1\\2x+5 = 2(-1)+5=-2+5 = 3[/tex]Hence the consecutive integers are: -1,1,3Keywords: Linear Equation, Solution to linear equation in one variable Learn more about Linear Equations:brainly.com/question/4644511brainly.com/question/5191341#LearnwithBrainly